Besides [1] communicating with our staff in Lviv;
[2] working to get money safely to them;
[3] ascertaining the needs of the orphanages;
[4] getting help to them, and
[5] seeking to expand to help all 14 orphanages in the Chernigov region….I try and check in on our Ukrainian friends who are in ‘harm’s way,’ asking how they are, what can we do for them, etc.
They are those who attended our summer camps in past years, those who volunteer and work with us on our teams that minister to orphans, etc. I want to share their messages from time-to-time. Tatiana is one of those who, with her twin teenage daughters, has served at both our Bible Camp for Orphans and on our Ukrainian Orphanage Ministry team. In the group picture we are standing in front of Snovsk village orphanage getting ready to go in. She and her family live in Kiev. She messaged me today saying “We are still in Kiev. We are good. We believe God will keep us safe. Prayer is the best support. Dad is very sick and weak. My husband is at the front. Pray for safety. They’re under rocket attack.”