In the 1968 movie musical OLIVER the orphans sang the refrain, “FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD…”


In reality, most if not all of the orphans in our state-run orphanages in the former Soviet Union come to the orphanage malnourished, small for their age.
There are so many positive impacts from our Bible Camp for Orphans that go beyond what we normally think of.
Of course, first and foremost are the spiritual aspects that can change an orphan forever as we seek to immerse them in God’s love and in His eternal word. Then there is the sense of belonging to a warm and loving ‘family,’ God’s forever family.

The care and attention our staff and leaders give the orphans also has a great impact on them as well, and once back at the orphanage, the directors and staff notice the changes in the children’s attitudes, how they treat each other, their respect for teachers and staff, and their attitude towards studies and life in general.

But there is more! It’s what I call ‘behind the scenes.’
For example, the food they receive at camp is incredibly nutritious and beyond what the orphanage can offer. Below is a picture of a typical orphanage meal, and the other pictures are from meals we serve at camp.

Most of these orphans come to the orphanage greatly malnourished because the parent or parents don’t take care of them, often spending much of the household money on their drinking, or in other cases, the family is so poor they don’t have the money or the knowledge to provide healthy nutrition for their children.

Most orphans are fed better in the orphanage at least giving them three meals a day, though basic.

At camp, as you can see from the actual pictures here from last summer’s camp, they enjoy a wonderfully nutritious three meals a day plus two healthy snacks like fruit and kefir. Beyond the obvious impact on the life of the orphan, that is also part of what you are sponsoring when you provide an orphan sponsorship.